Designed by Nurses for Nurses

As a Nurse that has worked night shifts in busy ward environments, I was constantly having to reach for my phone in the bay to inspect details. I'd find myself carrying out procedures or needing to check on patients and end up wasting time fumbling about to turn on my phone torch with a pair of gloves on, or worse... end up having to turn on the light and wake up the whole bay! 

That's when I thought, why not have a fob watch with a small light, to allow me to inspect details in the dark, and check pumps and equipment without having to disturb patients. It also dawned on me how this product could also reduce the risk of tripping at night time in clinical areas full of medical equipment and patient belongings. 

Thats why I created the Lumitok nurses watch; the worlds first pin on Nursing fob with an integrated LED torch. A fob watch that has been specifically designed for Nurses, by Nurses. 

Throughout my nursing experiences there were many times when a simple product like this would have benefited me. These benefits extend to those on emergency night time call outs in the community: helping healthcare workers to locate key safes in low light conditions and safely orientate themselves once inside patients homes, helping them to quickly find a light switch. 

This watch delivers all of the benefits of a traditional nurses watch including glow in the dark hands, with the added benefits of an LED torchlight to help you navigate the many challenging situations that arise whilst working on night shift. Are you a night shift Nurse? With the Lumitok Nurse's fob you'll never get stuck without a torch again! 
Ciarán, RGN.